Quality Transmitters

 Arenal produces modular transmitter and modules to perform specific tasks in the field.



QT130-IOT: IO Transmitter
This transmitter range (QT131..133) is designed to increase connectivity with other systems.

The QT130 range of transmitters exists of 3 types:



Model QT131 has relay contacts to actuators and analog sensors (galvanically isolated 4-20 mA and 0-5 V). It also provide analog output signal like above. Also it has an internal sleep/ wake function that, when powered continuously, it can shut off systems that are not needed at that time.
Model QT132 is the IO module with GSM modem, for the purpose of Remote Monitoring from our Arenal PCS in Delft. Model QT133 is a our extention PLC range with extention cards for multiple IO.

Model QT133 is our PLC based transmitter for ultimate connectivity to external IO.


QT131-IOM:  Arenal IO Module This transmitter is a single PCB board which is connected to the PCA by means of the Modbus RTU connection. The PCB board consists of 4 galvanically isolated 4-20 mA or 0-10 Vdc output signals, 2 galvanically isolated input signals and 4 relais contacts. The PCB board is mounted in an industrial powder coated aluminium enclosure and can be connected up to 1000 meter away from the PCA.

So if the customer want 4-20 mA signal, any of the parameters selected in the PCA can be connected to one of the four analog outputs.

The unit also comprises of a sleep mode timer, which can be configured to one of the relais contacts of choice. While the power is on, the sleep mode timer is active.

All settings of this unit can be adjusted in the PCA.

7QT131-IOT-04 204x132


QT132-IOM:  eWon IO Module The eWon is an industrial VPN router that can be used to connect the PCA to any location in the world, based on secure internet. The eWon module is connected to our PCA by means of the LAN connection. Multiple connections can be made to multiple PCA's.

eWon offers a variety of routers that can be used, depending on the local possibilities. For example, Arenal uses in the Netherlands, for evaluations on site, a GSM modem on the KPN network. Immediately after powering up, the connection to the KPN network is established. From our R&D facility we can send a text message to the router to wake up. It then connects to the Talk2M server on the internet by means of VPN connection. From our facility we connect to this server with VPN as well and then the connection is made to the modem and the PCA. For permanent Remote Monitoring we advise the use of a network connection. Then the eWon module is cheaper as well and no monthly cost for GSM are needed.



QT133-IOM:  PLC LT3300 IO Module When the application requires additional PLC interactions or more advanced communication possibilities, then the HMI is connected to an external PLC, like the LT3300 from Proface, or to an extension module, like the CANOpen module. As this is depending on the requirements, such solution is made very flexible.