Quality Transmitters

 Arenal produces modular transmitter and modules to perform specific tasks in the field.


QT010-UDT: Ultrasonic Density Transmitter.
Designed to control Arenal's Ultrasonic Density Probe to measure concentrations of dissolved and suspended solids in liquids and slurries, as well as total density of most liquids in process industry, food and beverage, mining, semiconductor industry etc.


The Ultrasonic Density Transmitter is an electronic module to control the Ultrasonic Density Probe and to measure and digitize the analog signals coming from the piezo elements.


It consist of unsurpassed digital signal processing on board of a Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA. And it therefore industry fastest and most accurate density transmitter for up to 1000 complete measuring cycles per minute at a sampling rate of 100 million Samples Per Second with an accuracy of 16 bits. Benefits are clear for the customer: a higher measurement frequency increases accuracy significantly.


As ultrasonic measurements are temperature dependent, the temperature is measured both with a PT1000 circuitry, but also based on ultrasonic spectroscopy. the analog circuits on the PCB are made in such way that an accuracy of better then 0,1 mK is reached. Digital measurements are averaged with the walking avarage method at a rate of 1KHz and are made available in the Modbus memory area, which can be reached by a 2-wire RS485 (Modbus RTU).


The UDT is suitable for applications with reflection or transmission mode, so for most industrial application which require the measurement of concentrations of dissolved solids, suspended solids and total density. Other physical scales like temperature and density of the liquid can be determined in the PCA as well.


The UDT is consist of dual PCB board, mounted in an industrial enclosure. It is suitable for mounting near or on the probe, on a pipe stand or wall. The distance between the UDT and probe shall be as close as possible to prevent loss of energy of the electrical signals in the cable.