QP010-UDP: Ultrasonic Density Probes
Designed to measure concentrations of dissolved and suspended solids in liquids and slurries, as well as total density of most liquids in process industry, food and beverage, mining, semiconductor industry etc.

The picture shows, as an example, our sanitary probe.


The product line for ultrasonic probes, QP010-UDP, is most extensive. The reason is that mainly this part changes due to the environment and mounting situation in which it is placed, so only the embodiment changes. For many of the measurement technologies, Arenal designed six different versions: for submersible, inline, sanitary, extractive, (trans-) portable, laboratory and wafer cell mounting. Then sometimes there is an option for the material used, for the mounting assembly and for the dimension of the pipe.


The following probes are available:


extractive analysis smallQP011-UDP-QB: Extractive Ultrasonic Density Probe

The ultrasonic probe is in this case made from PEEK or PP material and is firmly fixed in a teflon assembly block, see ou QB product program. The reflector is made from ZrO2, making the probe suitable for use in extractive applications in the chemical, semicon and solar panel industry. It is connected to the process lines by fittings, flexibly ranging from ¼” to 2”.






sanitary probe configurations smallQP012-UDP-SAN: Sanitary Ultrasonic Density Probe

The sanitary probe is designed to monitor the density of fluids and to monitor concentrations of dissolved solids and undissolved solids in food and beverage industry. Example is the beer industry, to monitor cold and hot wort. The connection to the process is based on Varivent connections DN40, and other connections can be offered as well.






submersible probe configurations smallQP013-UDP-SUB: Submersible Ultrasonic Density Probe

This submersible probe is designed to monitor concentrations of dissolved solids and undissolved solids in tanks or sewage channels. The sensor is made from SS316 and PEEK. Arenal offers multiple probe types to suit the mounting requirements.







wafer cell configurations smallQP014-UDP-WFC: Wafer type Ultrasonic Density Probe

In applications for high dense and abrasive slurries, an insertion sensor cannot be used. In these applications Arenal offers a wafer type probe, which fits in a wafer and is flush mounted. Only the total density and the temperature of these applications can be measured. Pipe sizes can go from DN40 to any size.






inline process analysis configurations smallQP015-UDP-INL: Inline Ultrasonic Density Probe

In applications for high temperature and high pressure, like for instance in process lines, a direct inline sensor can be fit into the pipe. The sensor is specially made for the application. So this can be made with sanitary flange, thread, 2" flange, spool piece.







transportable probe configuration smallQP016-UDP-TRP: (Trans-) Portable Ultrasonic Density Probe

For evaluations of acoustic properties, the small PEEK sensor with SS316 reflector is handy. In case of measuring high slurrie densities or pastes, the ceramic portable sensor is better.








laboratory analysis configurations smallQP017-UDP-LAB: Laboratory Probe

For laboratory ultrasonic spectroscopy analysis evaluations, the probe is made really small. Material is PEEK sensor with SS316 reflector. The cable to the transmitter is short.