Bauxite Slurry Density and Massflow monitoring by ceramic ultrasonic spectroscopy

Slurry Density monitoring by Ceramic Ultrasonic spectroscopy

Until now, real-time slurry density monitoring in the mining industry is done with risky and expensive nuclear densitometers. With the introduction of the Arenal ultrasonic slurry density Analyser the density recording can now be performed in a more secure, user-friendly and highly accurate manner, while saving costs and allowing for quicker interventions.


Arenal is the first and only producer of ceramic ultrasonic spectroscopy sensors in the world for the determination of density, specific gravity, total suspended solids and temperature of abrasive and high concentration slurries. The ceramic sensor construction not only provides the best acoustical physical properties but also it provides the highest degree of hardness ensuring optimal abrasive resistance for the demanding applications in this industry.


Technology benefits


“The better choice for all users of any discipline”

Arenal developed Ultrasonic spectroscopy, a combination of the measurement of acoustical physical properties and ultrasonic spectroscopy. With ultrasonic waves, the density, specific gravity, total suspended solids and temperature are determined accurately and real-time. This technology replaces directly all nuclear density meters in the field and offers customers a higher accuracy, lower maintenance, easier mounting, lower investment cost, less maintenance, by far less administration time and costs, faster delivery times and a safe choice for the environment.


“No maintenance due to sensor design and materials”

Arenal is the first and only supplier in the world of ceramic ultrasonic sensors for real-time slurry density control. As the sensors are made from the hardest ceramic on earth, silicon carbide, there is no maintenance requirement.


“No local pipe redesign needed”

Arenal offers various Slurry Density Monitoring solutions in pipes.

  • Our spool piece solutions are made according to your pipe and flange specifications. Arenal supplies a PU lining in pipes above 8”. The sensor is mounted to the spool with a saddle type flange.

For any situation Arenal offers mounting solutions, so that local piping redesign is not needed.


“No frequent calibration”

The combination of the measurement of different physical acoustical properties makes sure that drift in the density range from 0 to 3500 is physically not possible. However, the sensor is sensitive for temperature variations and therefor the temperature is recorded accurately for compensation.


“Optimized process control”

The probe and electronics are designed in such way that the repeatability and sensitivity is very high. With an initial good field calibration, the accuracy is about 5 g/l in the full range 1..3 SG and does not change during the lifetime of the probe. Furthermore, the responsetime is 1 second, so changes in the slurry density are observed immediately. These properties offer customers better process control.


“Check the settling process”

Arenal offers sensors for submersed mounting in tanks or vessels. It can be used manually or with an automated process winge. This offers the user to check the efficiency of the settling process and the requirement of extra or less additives.


Suitable for a large variety of metals & minerals

The ultrasonic spectroscopy technology in combination with the extremely abrasion-resistant sensor allows for the monitoring of metal refining slurries, like in aluminum industry, the red mud applications.

Slurry Density Analyser

The Arenal Slurry Density Analyser (QA03-SDA) processes the digital signals of the Ultrasonic Density Transmitter and Probe. It calculates the density, specific gravity, total suspended solids and temperature, and if a flow meter is connected, the Massflow as well.

Probe types

There are four methods of probe installation available to match the specific application in pipes and tanks; wafer cells, spool pieces with saddle type flange, Inline flange and submersible probe.


“ضف المزيد من نقاط قياس الكثافة إلى الجرافات بنفس التكلفة”

تقدم Arenal حلول مراقبة الكثافة بنفس السعر أو بسعر أقل من أجهزة التحليل النووية. التي تكلف التصديق على المنشآت النووية المستخدمة في المحطات النووية، وكذلك متطلبات الأفراد الخاصين. الآن يمكن للعملاء استثمار الأموال التي ينفقونها على هذه التكاليف لزيادة والحصول على البيانات من المزيد من نقاط القياس، والتي بدورها يمكن أن تزيد من تحسين العملية.


“بالنسبة لهذا النوع من الدعم ، نقدم عقد خدمة”

عندما تفشل أجهزة التحليل النووية الأقدم فجأة وعندما تكون قياسات الكثافة ضرورية للتحكم في العملية، يمكن Arenal أن يقدم حلول على الفور.
مستشعرات جديدة الموجات فوق الصوتية متوفرة، و يمكن شحن معظم الطلبات في غضون 48 ساعة.
إذا كانت الخدمة أو المساعدة مطلوبة ، يمكن لفريق المراقبة عن بعد لدينا تسجيل الوصول ومعرفة ما يحدث. نحن نقدم عقود خدمة لهذا الغرض.


“فرق دعم الخدمة المحلية”

تقدم Arenal فريق مبيعات وخدمة محترفًا لدعمك عند الحاجة. الخدمة، تحتاج إلى دعم. وهي تدعم المراقبة عن بعد والخدمات المحلية مثل المعايرة في الموقع والتدريب والمساعدة في بدء التشغيل.


Award winning!

Arenal was awarded the Process Analytical Community (PAI Community on LinkedIn) award for most innovative product in 2016.


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