Although the ceramic ultrasonic and thermal sensors of Arenal PCS can be applied in any liquid in the world, it is mainly designed for abrasive slurries and pastes, which can be found in Mineral and Metal processing plants, dredging and tunneling. Arenal is actively involved in industrial slurries, like in CMP, pigment and catalysts slurries and battery pastes and potato starch slurries.

The optimal slurry for measuring density, flow and massflow is a homogene turbulent slurry in a pipe or vessel, with a large concentration of particles below 1 mm.

Arenal PCS produces COD+TSS Analysers for sewage and industrial waste water. The sensor is designed to suit WWTP influent applications to monitor the COD and TSS loadings and to control the contact time in the contact tank and to optimize the aeration process.

The technology is based on ultrasonic spectroscopy. Depending on the measuring point, a submersible or extractive system (with wafers) is installed.



The technology of Ultrasonic spectroscopy is explained here. The benefit of using ultrasonic waves is that acoustical physical properties of ALL common organic contaminations show an almost linear curve in the measurements. Secondly, contaminations does not influence the measurement and are easy to remove, especially in the wafer type design. Finally, the technology of ultrasonic spectroscopy is easy to understand and does not require specialized knowledge for maintenance personnel.



In case of a submersible sensor, the sensor is made from SS316. It is mounted like common oxygen sensors in the tanks.

In case of the extractive wafer sensor, water is pumped through a DN50 wafer, in which the sensor is mounted. The sensors does not intrude in the water, so that the wafer keeps clean from contaminations.


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